This workshop will enable all staff to create and maintain a fair and equitable workplace in which everyone is treated respectfully and with dignity.
Diversity at Work

Diversity at Work is about employees with different:

  • Family needs and obligations
  • Physical abilities and accommodation requirements
  • Religious practices and restrictions
  • Medical conditions
  • Sexual orientations and preferences
  • Environmental sensitivities
  • Racial and ethnic backgrounds
  • Cultural preferences and sensibilities

  • Diversity at Work is about ALL of us.


    Diversity at Work is a training workshop applicable for all staff including managers, human resources advisors and employees who work within a diverse environment or who provide service to a diverse clientele - whether internal or external.

    Course Content

  • What is a diverse workforce? - definition and components
  • Demographics: diversity in our community
  • Benefits and challenges of diversity in the workforce
  • Human rights and responsibilities in a diverse workplace
  • Accommodation: meaningfully incorporating diversity into the workplace
  • Creating a respectful and inclusive workplace
  • Resolving real-life 'diversity' scenarios with fair, innovative and equitable solutions

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