Participants will be able to work more effectively and respectfully within a multicultural workplace providing affirmative and equitable service to all clients - both internal and external.
Cross-cultural Awareness & Communication

The Canadian workplace is becoming increasingly more diverse and this brings new challenges to which all must respond. Employees have the challenge of working in new ways with other employees, of being part of an effective team where the members are unlike each other in race, culture, language, or customs. Managers need to create an inclusive environment in which all employees understand, value, and respect each others' differences.


Cross-cultural Awareness and Communication is a training workshop designed for employees who work within a multicultural environment or provide service to a multicultural clientele - whether internal or external.

Course Content

  • Rationale for, benefits, challenges, and impact of multiculturalism in the workplace
  • Canada's changing multicultural demographics
  • The 'Canadian way' - what are our values?
  • Culture: adapt or retain - where cultures clash
  • How we 'work' in Canada - the 'unwritten rules'
  • How other cultures 'work' - different expectations and assumptions
  • Strategies to successfully work with different cultural workstyles
  • Causes of cross-cultural communication breakdown
  • Your communication 'style'
  • Cultural differences in communication styles
  • 'Reading' someone from another culture: how cultural behaviours can be misinterpreted
  • Giving feedback in a culturally sensitive way
  • Cross-cultural communication do's and taboos

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