Our courses are consistently rated as superior—both the relevance of the content and the quality of the instruction.
There are three main courses that we offer in the area of diversity and human rights. The links below will take you to the general workshop descriptions. Your specific requirements will determine the exact content included in the resulting course. In some cases, course content from different training programs may be combined to address your needs. We invite you to contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss how we can tailor a program that will help you to achieve your training objectives.

All courses are available in English and French.

Diversity at Work

A Respectful Workplace (Harassment Prevention)

Cross-cultural Awareness and Communication

Four fundamental principles are used when designing and developing our courses:
    1. People learn best when they are directly involved in the learning process.
    2. Participants are adults with a wealth of life experiences that should be
        brought out and shared in the class.
    3. Adults expect results—participants want effective tools they can use at work.
    4. Learning should be fun as well as informative.
We recognize that every organization's work environment is unique, and therefore, so are its needs. To ensure that our training programs meet the specific needs of every client, we customize the content, methodology, and materials of our workshops to address their concerns. As a result, we are able to provide all course participants with meaningful skills, knowledge, and tools that they can apply in their own workplace.